Enterprise Land System Design

Appalachian Basin

Mr. Seifarth managed the design and development of an integrated enterprise land management system for Consol Energy. The client had initiated an intense Coal Bed Methane (CBM) development plan in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and needed a system to manage a complex network of transactional and geospatial data. Requirements for the system included the ability to generate forced pooling applications for the submittal to the West Virginia Oil & Gas Board and maps to support ongoing operations. Consol currently utilizes this system to manage leases and pay royalties for the Marcellus Shale natural gas development.

This system utilizes web-based technology (ASP.net web forms and a SQL relational database) for transactional data capture, Autodesk Map, and ESRI GIS for spatial data creation and representation. The system handled over 150 concurrent users and passed rigorous testing and auditing for Sarbanes Oxley compliance. To address a large volume of documents associated with leases, title opinions and permits, a document management component was built into the application. More than 15,000 legal documents were loaded into the system, many of these uploaded directly by the legal firms that prepared the opinions. Parcel geometry is generated by survey professionals using Autodesk Map with the SurvCad add-on and processed using ESRI AcrGIS Desktop software.

The application was developed with the following functionality:

Company: Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., CNX Gas / Consol Energy
Years Performed: 2006 -2010