Product Lines

unique, effective software for geographical presentation


The following products are currently in the pre-alpha stages of development and will be made available as the development lifecycles are completed. Product development will be expedited based on specific requests by the user community. The GeoNetix line of software utilizes web-based forms for transactional data entry and industry standard mapping tools for geographical presentation. Management dashboard options, which utilize state of the art mapping and reporting BI solutions, are available within each product. The following applications are currently under development:

GeoNetix Land

Parcel, Title & Permitting Data Management
GeoNetix Land™ module is a tract-based land and title management system that has been developed primarily for the oil & gas industry. This module maintains dynamic relationships between lease data, land title and drilling operational data. The ability to generate on-line drilling permits is a key function of GeoNetix Land™. Integrated GIS functionality and dashboard reporting enable real-time mapping and management for lease and permitting activities.

GeoNetix Build

Building Information Modeling / Management Systems
GeoNetix Build™ is a Building Information Modeling / Management Systems (BIMS) overlay application that empowers Autodesk Map to function as an enterprise asset management tool. This product enables Cad designers to link drawings to asset or procurement databases. The benefits of this connection are numerous and include quantity take-offs, intelligent asset features that contain attributes, expedited procurement, and readily converted as-built drawings.

GeoNetix Gas

Natural Gas Pipeline Compliance
GeoNetix Gas™ is a combination of web-based forms, integrated GIS mapping, and regulatory reporting in to demonstrate compliance with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). These regulations are administered by the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) for natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines. Portions of gathering networks may also be considered jurisdictional by DOT. GeoNetix Gas™ provides a standardized data collection and reporting mechanism for operators of these types of pipelines. Field compliance activities such as One Call ticket response, pipeline patrolling, and cathodic leak surveys are captured, mapped and reported using GeoNetix Gas™.

GeoNetix Water

Stream and Well Water Sampling and Reporting
GeoNetix Water™ is a compliance based module that can be applied to industrial activities that require water quality monitoring and reporting. The module is used to collect and correlate data that is derived from water quality analysis required for permit applications and renewals under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations. It can also be used to collect and report water data that is required for natural gas drilling permits.

Data can be uploaded directly from analytic labs and linked to geographic points such as a surface water or well sampling points. Reports can then be linked to the maps for graphical display or further geo-analysis. Electronic data management systems provide