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What is Geospatial Data?

Geospatial data is business data that can be linked to a geographic location using geometric features such as lines, points or polygons. Examples of commonly encountered geometric features include gas or oil well locations, tracts of land, pipelines, manholes, fittings or stream segments. Each of these features may possess relationships with extensive tabular or hard-copy data sources (spreadsheets, report forms, work authorizations, specifications, testing results). Geospatial technologies are used to build both virtual and graphical relationships within the geometric network.

What types of products and services does the firm provide?

The core of the GeoNetix solution is a combination of business processes and commercial and custom software applications that are used to leverage transactional business data into mission critical geospatial information. Once captured and generated, geospatial data can be distributed throughout an organization using numerous standard formats such as web pages, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions or pdfs.

What types of industry can benefit from the firm’s technology?

GeoNetix specializes in geospatially driven data solutions within the energy, AEC, and real estate industries. Geospatial technologies can be applied to any business process which can be associated with a location. With the advent of web-based mapping applications such as Google Maps and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, many businesses have started to realize the importance of using spatial technologies in the refinement of existing business processes or the development of new ones. GeoNetix builds on the relatively simple concepts that are used in these widely accepted applications to provide enterprise data solutions that are seamlessly integrated with a firm’s core business processes.

How is the firm different from other GIS/Data Management firms?

Sustainability and Simplicity. Although some might say that a business model that allows a client to become less dependent on a service provider is not prudent over time, GeoNetix has made this a basic corporate precept. We work with your staff, to refine (not re-engineer) your business process, on your infrastructure, so that you can eventually operate and maintain that solution independently. Our success is measured by your ability to manage a solution independently.

Where do I start?

Most understand that the foundation of every successful GIS implementation lies within the spatial and tabular data. Unfortunately, many companies have legacy and transactional data issues that can introduce significant risk into a GIS project. This is where GeoNetix excels. We conduct extensive analysis of current business processes and data management practices to ensure that critical data are being captured and updated in a manner which promotes systems integrity and reliability. Web-based data entry forms are the most commonly recommended method of capturing transactional data.

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